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21) near Comrie, in Perth and Kinross this weekend to delve

Teams from around Scotland will join at the Cultybraggan Camp (or Camp No. 21) near Comrie, in Perth and Kinross this weekend to delve deep into the site’s haunting past.The unique event kicks off the build up to the very first ParaCon Alba a weekend of all things paranormal in venues around Perth City Centre.The Cultybraggan ‘black camp’ was built in World War 2 to house 4000 ‘Category A’ prisoners holding those considered the most committed to Adolf Hitler’s regime.Some of those held there included Waffen SS, Nazi paratroopers, and U boat crew.Cartoons of Nazis in Scottish PoW camp to go on public displayThe camp is one of Britain’s best preserved prisoner of war camps and has long been the subject of myths and legends including a rumour it played host to Rudolf Hess a leading member of Hitler’s party whose plane went down as he flew over Scotland in 1941.The camp was also where Feldwebel Wolfgang Rosterg was murdered by fellow inmates. The infamous murder saw the prisoners turn on him believing him to be a British spy.This, along with other dark stories relating to the compound, could be why it has earned a growing reputation for being haunted.Lynne said: “Our plan was for the camp to be an amazing backdrop and venue for storytelling, as Strathearn has a rich history and is full of tales about witchcraft and clan warfare.”There would be a couple of minutes afterwards for guests to try out some ‘ghost hunting’ equipment after hearing a few ghost stories from the camp itself.”The fact that many skeptics on the tour have been spooked by things they can’t explain is fascinating and I have to admit gives me a feeling of glee.”I know this incredible place is haunted, now to get some of https://www.purereplicabag.com the top investigators in this country together to back that up with some evidence.”Not everybody believes but I always think an open mind either way is important, else we never learn anything new.”.

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