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It wouldn get him any less drunk it would just taste worse

They designed for lower power consumption, so they even consume less than a typical NUC. Here is my latest purchase. It came with a dual core 1.2ghz AMD CPU, gigabit ethernet, USB 3.0, 4gb of RAM and a 16gb M.2 SSD. The original PSP had Skype, the original DS had 4MB of RAM and games could do voice chat, the XBOX 360 OS, Windows XP recommending 128MB of RAM, etc.I think you would be shocked what the Switch could add without hurting the speed of the menu or the game experience at all. Yes keeping the asset footprint down obviously helps, but “200KB” is just bored engineers showboating about stuff that doesn actually matter. If they open up the browser to end users, they have to ensure the browser is secure enough that the end user doesn go to some malicious site and get hacked unintentionally.In other words, they protecting themselves from liability.

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