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cheap Canada Goose Pompeo’s path to the State Department could be a tricky one. Sen. Rand Paul (R https://www.canadagooseoutlet4sale.com Ky.) has already said he intends to vote against Pompeo. The vote, which proceeded along party lines in the Republican controlled canada goose outlet florida committee, means that President Trump now has up to five days canada goose outlet edmonton to review the material and decide whether to keep it secret, though he could agree to the release anytime before that deadline. If he does nothing, the committee can release the memo publicly.The Justice Department and the FBI are likely to lobby Trump in the interim, hopeful that he will prevent the memo’s classified contents canada goose outlet us from becoming public before lawyers for those agencies can review the material.The Intelligence Committee also voted along party lines Monday against releasing a rebuttal memo from the panel’s canada goose outlet mall Democrats, who denounced both moves upon leaving the closed door hearing.”We had votes today to politicize the intelligence process,” said Rep. Adam B. cheap Canada Goose

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